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Jews, Muslims and Peace, Yehezkel Landau and Yahya Hendi, WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES: CURRENT DIALOGUE Issue 41, July 2003
With ongoing violence sapping the spirits of Israelis and Palestinians, and with the Iraq war generating shock waves throughout the Middle East, we call on our fellow Jews and Muslims to join forces with concerned Christians to transcend this cycle of death and destruction. Jews and Muslims should be spiritual allies, not adversaries... (more...)

The Story of Abraham: A journey of hope for all, Delivered at the College of St. Elizabeth in on July 19 th, 2003
First of all, let me offer my Gratitude to the Almighty One for His divine grace having brought us all here today. Let me also ask for His blessings upon all of His prophets and messengers and also seek his guidance for all of those who stand out firmly for God. ... (more...)

EVEN A SMILE CAN MAKE IT!!! Sometimes I take the metro downtown to Washington, DC. As I travel, I sometimes notice the lack of smiling faces amongst the travelers. Recently, on one of these trips, I was using the elevator when I noticed a man who looked troubled. I asked if I could be of any assistance but received no response, not even a smile. (more...)

Our Parents and Elders. One day you hear about a teenager murdering her own father. A month later you see a news story about someone being sentenced to 27 years in prison for shooting his own father. A week later, its a teenager ending the life of his own mother. In today’s society, we (more..)

Inter-religious cooperation is a must not a choice. Since the tragedy of Sep 11 th, I have started watching more closely the response of our religious communities. Some have gone to the far extreme suggesting that America is a country of exclusively one religious community. This voice believes that Islam, the religion of the Arabs (although only 20% of Muslims are Arabs) does not belong in America. Many Muslim (more..)

Islam, The Myth and the Real Islam, the religion of close to 1.2 billlion Mulsims worldwide, including 190 million Arab Muslims and 8 million American Muslims; has been the most discussed religion in the public arena since the tragedy of September 11th. What Islam is and is not will be the (more...)

Between Faith and Pain. It was two in the morning when my brother called asking me to come to the Holy Land. My mother was gravely ill. By the end of the next day, I had arrived at the hospital in Jerusalem. As I came into my mother’s room, I saw her smiling. My family gave me the news that she was dying but I couldn’t believe it. She did not appear as a woman (more...)

Together, Marching for PEACE in the Middle East. Almost every day, we wake up with sad news coming to us from the Middle East. We hear of homes being destroyed in or around Jerusalem and women and children being killed. The Land once inhabited or witnessed by Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad has turned into a sea of blood. The city of Jerusalem, for whose peace all the prophets of God prayed, has become (more...)

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